I miss it. #tbt #nyfw
Most important meal of the day 🐱🍓
9th Sep 201411:35
Yeah, I missed this a little (at Carpinteria Beach)
31st Aug 201419:56
👌 (at Lucky Llama Coffee)
31st Aug 201415:55
🍦🐭 #fromwhereistand  (at Disney California Adventure)
I’m going to miss you, New York
31st Jul 201420:29
I guess this 7 hour drive isn’t too bad #sunset #nofilter
In love with this view  (at Durango, Colorado)
19th Jul 201419:41
See you in a couple weeks ✈️ (at John F. Kennedy International Airport)
13th Jul 201405:19
Just one more  (at Eiffel Tower)
5th Jul 201413:20
🗼🇫🇷 (at Centre Pompidou)
27th Jun 201411:29
Sunsets in Paris. I’m in love  (at Ricard S.A Live Music )
22nd Jun 201407:57
Thank you #govballnyc #day3 (at The Governors Ball Music Festival)
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